Emergency Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Emergency Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing Services Is Easy For Small Companies, Corporations, Manufacturing, Trucking Companies To Stay In Compliance With All Your Company Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy, Insurance, etc.

We offer onsite drug and alcohol testing collection services to allow your employees to stay on the job site and save your company valuable time… We offer onsite collection urine and alcohol testing collection which allow the employee to continue to productively work, and only leave their job when we are onsite. By doing this we are saving the company valuable time not having to send your employees to the medical facility, clinic, and hospital to wait in a long line to get a drug and alcohol test and may not be able to get that test.


Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing Services Where We Come Where to You So You Can Better Manage Your Time and This Service Is Great For:

·         Post-Accident Emergency Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

·         For Cause Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

·         Suspicious Drug and Alcohol Testing Services


The collection usually takes no more than 10-15 minutes. Our Drug Test Collectors collect a urine specimen collection, seal the specimen using tamper-proof kits, and then air express the specimen to a SAMHSA laboratory.

The turnaround time for test 24-72 hours for negative results only. If it comes back questionable that means if you are taking any medication or if the donor is abusing drugs illegal it will be over 72 hours to see if it is a false positive or it is a positive result. All testing and specimen collection meet the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Safety Act requirement and Federal Department of Transportation 49 CFR Parts 382 and 40.

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